MSWG Weekly Newsletter 25 February 2022 (English)

With the wide adoption of ESG practices globally, minority shareholders should be aware of the impact of ESG on the stocks that they hold or intend to hold. Companies which choose to ignore ESG considerations in their businesses are likely to face challenges in terms of access to equity and debt financing, talent recruitment et cetera. Minority shareholders must pay attention to how these ESG issues are being managed by the board and management

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 18 February 2022 (English)

Lately, the exercise of ESOS shares by BCM Alliance Berhad’s employees has raised public interest. While ESOS is typically offered to all employees, only two employees of the company took up the offered shares. It is puzzling why the other staff did not take up the ESOS (if they were offered) as the ESOS was at a significant discount to the market price. Subsequently, the two employees emerged as the major shareholders of the company. Overnight, new major shareholders had emerged.