MSWG Weekly Newsletter 10 November 2023 (English)

Diversification is a strategic choice companies make to enter new business sectors, aiming to spread risk, capture new opportunities, and create long-term value.
While diversification can be a powerful growth strategy, it comes with various risks and opportunities. Successful diversification can create multiple benefits, ultimately generating long-term value for the company and its stakeholders. However, a poorly executed diversification strategy can turn a venture into ‘diworsification’, resulting in financial setbacks and damaging the brand's reputation.

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 03 November 2023 (English)

Unearthing hidden gems: The small-cap advantage for retail investors

Small-cap stocks have often taken a backseat in the eyes of investors, who tend to view them as riskier investments when compared to their larger-cap counterparts. This perception has led some fundamentally-oriented retail investors to avoid small-caps altogether. However, for those willing to invest the time and effort required, exploring small-cap stocks can be rewarding, offering the potential for higher returns.