21 July 2023 MSWG Newsletter (English)

The practice of re-electing directors yearly is a sword that cuts both ways. On the one hand, it promotes accountability and shareholder engagement by regularly assessing directors' performance and qualifications. And yet, the same practice might lead to a lack of accountability and short-term focus among directors, potentially compromising the company's strategic planning.

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 14 July 2023 (English)

“Of late, women directors have become much sought-after to fill board positions. It is high time that the boards of PLCs, which are majority dominated by males, acknowledge that women have an important role to play on PLC’s boards, as appointing women as directors comes with various benefits. Appointing a woman director, preferably an independent director, ticks many conformance boxes for a PLC. Also, a diversified boardroom by gender and skillsets demonstrates the efforts toward better governance.”

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 07 July 2023 (English)

Contrarian investing is an investment strategy that goes against prevailing market trends and sentiments. They actively seek opportunities to invest in undervalued or out of favour with the majority. They believe that markets are not always efficient and can sometimes overreact, leading to the mispricing of assets. By taking a contrarian approach, these investors aim to profit from such market inefficiencies.