MSWG Weekly Newsletter 13 October 2023 (English)

As some global headwinds subside, the environment, social and governance (ESG) space could regain interest among fund managers as a focal investment point.

Domestically, the renewable energy (RE) space is seeing unprecedented rapid development and news flow with clarity emerging on how industry players plan to achieve their net-zero carbon goals while also actively working to attract more foreign direct investments (FDIs) to develop the RE industry.

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 06 October 2023 (English)

Timely material information disclosure

Bursa Malaysia Securities recently publicly reprimanded a listed company and imposed fines on some directors for breaches of listing requirements over the Company’s reply to a UMA query on some contracts and acquisitions.

The Company had denied knowledge of the negotiation on proposed acquisitions upon a UMA query from Bursa. This was despite the proposed acquisitions having been approved in principle by the Board two weeks before the UMA query.

Subsequently, approximately two weeks after the UMA response, the Company announced a memorandum of collaboration to undertake contracts and proposed acquisitions.

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 29 September 2023 (English)

The responsibilities of being a shareholder

A shareholder is a person, company, or institution that owns at least one share of a company’s stock. Shareholders own the company, and such ownership comes with certain rights and responsibilities.

Amongst all the various stakeholders, shareholders are the most powerful by virtue of having voting rights to determine the performance and future of a company. The clarion call is, therefore, on shareholders to exercise such rights diligently and responsibly. A good start is by attending AGMs and asking pertinent questions of the Board and voting wisely on the tabled resolutions.

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 22 September 2023 (English)

Shareholders stand to gain with more women directors and IDs on board

ACE Market-listed Genetec Technology Bhd should not consider as burdensome the criteria set forth by SC that its proposed listing transfer to the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia can only materialise upon its corporate governance enhancement by raising the number of independent directors on its board to over 50% and women directors to 30%.

Reading between the lines, these are two requirements that aspiring debutants to the Main Market must comply with