MSWG Weekly Newsletter 27 January 2023 (English)

Continuing disclosure of price-sensitive information is the bedrock of a fair, orderly and transparent stock market. It is the basis of informed investment decision-making. It creates a level playing field so that there is parity of information – that there is no preferential knowledge of such information as this may give rise to undue advantage to the person who possesses the preferential knowledge.

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 13 January 2023 (English)

With news that local companies are failing to comply with the ESG requirements which have been on the radar in recent years, it is easy to discern that Malaysian companies have not upped their game in incorporating these issues into their business.

However, it would be unfair for us to paint all companies with the same brush. We have seen many instances of companies changing course to better adapt themselves in an evolving business climate that revolves around the ESG agenda.