MSWG Weekly Newsletter 23 September 2023 (English)

Coping with high interest rate environment

Amid the aggressive rate hikes by Fed, global central banks are racing to increase their rates including Bank Negara Malaysia.

While banks benefit from the rate hikes, the prospect is less rosy for businesses, consumers, and households. Businesses would face rising costs of doing business due to the cost-push effect. When businesses pass on the cost to consumers, households are left with lesser disposable income.

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 09 September 2022 (English)

Complying with the applicable legal requirements is a fiduciary duty of directors who sit on the board of companies. More so when they are appointed to the board of PLCs which means more stringent rules and regulations to abide by.

Despite this, some boards may not fully understand or appreciate the importance of their obligations with respect to compliance. Worse still, some boards repeatedly disregard the requirement to comply with the rules and properly discharge their duties, despite repeated fines and reprimands.