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No Date Name Media Attachment
81 16/08/2021 MSWG expects dividend-paying PLCs could further decline- in 2021 The Malaysian Reserve
82 14/08/2021 PLCs have, on average, 17% women directors on boards in 2020 - MSWG The Edge
83 28/07/2021 MSWG Welcomes New Serba Dinamik Auditor NSTP
84 05/07/2021 Curious happenings at KNM The Edge
85 02/07/2021 Serba Dinamik needs directors who are independent in form and substance The Malaysian Reserve
86 28/06/2021 The drama at Serba Dinamik continues The Edge
87 28/06/2021 The role of independent directors in focus The Edge
88 21/06/2021 Bracing for uncertainties from COVID-19 crisis that refuses to go away Nyanyang Siang Pau
89 15/06/2021 MSWG : Serba Dinamik entitled to second opinion Nyanyang Siang Pau
90 15/06/2021 Serba dinamik appoints new board members Malaysian Reserve