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No Date Name Media Attachment
21 06/02/2020 SC issues checklist for shareholders Nyanyang Siang Pau
22 03/08/2019 MSWG : Improved corporate governance among Malaysian PLCs Nyanyang Siang Pau
23 03/10/2018 MSWG : Panpages is not violating any law Nyanyang Siang Pau
24 03/09/2018 CEO's Worth Based On KPI - Net Profit And Share Price Are Not The Best Indicators Nyanyang Siang Pau
25 18/05/2018 Nanyang Siang pau-Business News-150518 Nyanyang Siang Pau
26 26/03/2018 【Exclusive】Hong Kong and Singapore give the ‘green light’ whereby Malaysia continues to maintain a wait-and-see policy. Dual-class listing is an irresistible trend. Nyanyang Siang Pau
27 04/07/2015 KWAP to increase 100 milion investment in companies that meet the ESG standard Nyanyang Siang Pau
28 04/07/2015 KWAP increase 100 million investment in ESG company China Press
29 17/12/2013 MSWG-To Improve the code for Institutional Investors Nyanyang Siang Pau
30 18/06/2013 MAA MSWG queries Sin Chew Daily