MSWG Webinar on Cyber Security: Best Practices for Business 14.10.2022 (Friday)

MSWG Webinar on Cyber Security: Best Practices for Business

14th October 2022, Friday (09.00am - 12.00pm)

Course Outline

This programme is designed to address the key areas of cyber security based on international standards and best practices, focusing on cyber security management. This course will give participants an insight on proactive and reactive measures of cyber security that is vital for any organisation to remain resilient.   This programme includes the key concepts of cyber security covering both the management and technological aspects of cyber security focusing on the following areas:

Course Objectives

  1. Understand the principles of cyber security
  2. Understand the importance of security policies
  3. Understand cyber risk management
  4. Understand Incident response and communication process
  5. Understand international standard, best practice and guidelines
  6. Understand proactive and reactive security measures
  7. Understand the importance of security awareness programme


Target Audience

C-level Officers, Information Security Officers, IT Heads, Risk and Compliance Managers, System Support/Admin, Heads of Dept and anyone interested in gaining knowledge in cyber security.

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