Webinar : Cybersecurity Awareness for Managers and Executives

19th December 2022, Monday ( 09.00am - 01.00pm )

Cyber security for any organisation must consider their people, process, and technology to run their business operations effectively and efficiently, while remaining resilient to threats and data breaches as widely reported. To preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability, cyber security awareness must be raised and be communicated to all employees based on current threats and concerns.

Organisation and businesses need to understand these issues and take the necessary steps to ensure their employees understand their security responsibility. Failing to do so, will increase the human-related risk, which can have adverse effect on customers, operations, the company brand, and reputation. Attackers continue to take advantage of employees who are seen to be the weakest link, and in most cases, remain uninformed or aware of their security responsibility.


  • Understand the concept of cyber security
  • Understand the current threat landscape
  • Understand the human factor in cyber security
  • Understand the risk to information and information assets
  • Understand data breaches, securing devices and applications, social engineering
  • attempts, physical security breaches and malicious applications and files
  • Understand how to recognise an incident and know who to report to

19th December 2022, Monday (09.00am – 01.00pm)
Name : Pn Khalidah
Email : [email protected]
Contact No: 03 - 2732 0010 / 017-630 0754

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