MSWG Weekly Newsletter 05 April 2024 (English)

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 05 April 2024 

PLCs frequently issue new shares through placements or rights issues to meet specific funding requirements, such as acquisitions, working capital, or debt repayment. Moreover, companies may utilise various share issuance schemes (SIS) or ESOS to reward and retain their employees.

While equity fundraising is common for PLCs, it is imperative for minority shareholders to scrutinise how the proceeds are utilised carefully. Minority shareholders should pose pertinent questions whenever investee companies propose to issue new shares

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 29 March 2024 (English)

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 29 March 2024

Warren Buffett’s annual letters to shareholders are masterclass in investing. His letters are candid, clear, transparent, and full of wisdom. A must-read for investors and CEOs.

In the recently released 2023 letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett paid tribute to his long-time partner, Charlie Munger, who passed away in November last year.

And as usual, he sprinkled some investing lessons throughout the letter.”

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 22 March 2024 (English)

The scale and pace of change required to stave off the worst impacts of global warming will be more disruptive and costly than expected, especially when it is almost certain that climate change is here to stay.

Amidst rising temperatures, investors and businesses face unprecedented challenges in integrating the potential climate impacts into their decision-making processes and risk assessments.

MSWG Weekly Newsletter 15 March 2024 (English)

Key considerations before investing in ETFs

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have gained global investors' interest as a new class of investment as they provide a wide variety of ETFs for investors to invest in, namely from stock exchange indices, commodities, equities, bonds, and lately, bitcoins.

ETFs offer a flexible, diversified and efficient investment option for investors. To choose the best ETFs, it is essential to consider your investment objective, past performance, liquidity, costs, investment structure, fund size and available research.