The Securities Commission of Malaysia recently issued the updated MCCG on 28 April 2021 which was to take effect on the same date. The first batch of companies to begin reporting on their adoption of the practices in the MCCG 2021 will be those with financial years ending 31 December 2021 – which date is just around the corner.

The updates comprise 12 new Practices and 8 updated Practices, supported by relevant Guidance on each of the Practices. In addition, 8 of the existing Guidance’s have been revised to provide clarification on how these Practices may be applied more effectively.

These updates have a significant impact on corporate governance practices and present their own set of challenges and opportunities.


This half-day webinar aims to apprise Directors, Company Secretaries and Management on what the updates are, their rationale and their implications. Most importantly, the webinar will examine the implementation challenges and opportunities for the listed companies




The webinar will be conducted by Devanesan Evanson, the CEO of MSWG.

The 12 new Practices, 8 revised Practices and the 8 updated Guidance will be examined critically.

The webinar will also try to bridge the gap between the shareholders expectations of the listed companies and the listed companies challenges when implementing the updates.

The webinar will also examine practical solutions on how the updates may be implemented by listed companies.

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